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Online physiotherapy consultation

Can't get to a veterinary physiotherapist?  No one in your area?  Or just prefer to have a session within the comfort of your own home?  No problem!  Cochrane Physiotherapy is here to help.

Book an online 30 minute consultation session to discuss your pet, their condition and your needs.  We will offer you evidence-based professional advice, appropriate exercises and simple to follow home therapy techniques to support your animal with their injury or illness - with additional access to helpful homework sheets and videos too!

Price - £30

*Subject to RVS consent*

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Student support programme

For older dogs who may need a proactive and positive approach to healthy ageing.

As your pet ages, it is vital that joints and tissues remain supple and healthy.


When monitored frequently and treated early, issues such as arthritis can be effectively managed ensuring #yourdogmoreyears which, is why we advocate and follow Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) as a best practice example and are fully committed to practicing preventative and holistic physiotherapy for our older patients. 

Has your dog been slowing down recently, showing signs of pain like licking joints, changes in behaviour with younger or boistrous dogs or not as willing to jump up or down, play or go for long walks?  Do they take their time getting up and down or perhaps you hear some creaking of their joints when they do?

Age related conditions can include but are not limited to:

  • congenital issues like hip & elbow dysplasia starting to cause problems,

  • osteoarthritis and general joint condition,

  • reduced tendon and ligament health,

  • general reduced mobility and range of movement,

  • muscle wastage due to compensatory or lack of use issues,

  • degenerative neurological conditions.

Conditions of the elderly patient can be actively and effectively influenced by proactive physiotherapy and support positive, happy ageing alongside implementation of an at home programme, environment adjustment and altered daily routine.

Contact us now to book an appointment and find out how we can optimise and maintain your dog's functional ability, reduce pain and make simple and effective changes to your dogs routine and environment.


Business support

For dogs who are due to have or have undergone surgical intervention to correct or improve a condition or injury. Or have had a recently diagnosed injury or condition which may affect their form or function and where it has been decided to be managed conservatively rather than with surgery.



Physiotherapy is a staple part of an effective rehabilitation and preventative approach.

Did you know that muscle wastage, a reduction in nerve responsiveness and loss of general condition can start after only a couple of days of limited activity? 

It is important your pet receives physiotherapy not only after surgery, to aid recovery, but also before if possible, to ensure the dog is in optimum condition to encourage a faster recovery. 

Vets and Physio's work closely together to provide holistic, whole dog, rehabilitation programmes for:​

  • joint replacements and procedures e.g. TPLO's & hip replacements,

  • bone fractures and resulting internal & external metal fixators,

  • muscle, tendon or ligament strains and tears, skin injuries or wounds and long term fibrotic or scar tissue damage,

  • neurological conditions e.g. Wobblers Syndrome, disc herniation or prolapse.

Contact us now to book an appointment where we can discuss any condition or procedure your pet has recently had or been diagnosed with.

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Webinars, virtual clinics, learning materials creation & article writing

Promoting lifelong companionship, health and wellbeing for working dogs.

Do you have a registered assistance dog to support you to live independently or a service dog which has a very important job to do?

  • Guide dog

  • Hearing dog

  • Dementia dog

  • Special assistance dog

  • Medical condition alert dog

  • Children's assistance dog

  • Search & rescue dog

  • Sniffer dog

Have you noticed a change in their behaviour or ability or do you worry that you may not know if your dog is moving differently or experiencing pain?


It is paramount that assistance and service dogs stay fit and healthy to ensure they can continue to support you or the community for as long as possible - delaying a new dog having to be introduced and the change that can bring.   

Having worked with assistance and service dog projects for many years, our veterinary physiotherapist has a breadth of experience in the day to day activities and duties of a working dog. 


She has the expertise, understanding and empathy to work with you and your support team to ensure your dog can continue to do it's very important job.  

Please contact us now to book an appointment where we can discuss how best to maintain and optimise the longevity of your dogs working life.


Special discounts applied to owners of registered assistance dogs, details upon request.