Charlotte & Gavin, founders and joint directors of Cochrane Physiotherapy

About Us

Team Cochrane

Cochrane Physiotherapy is a fully insured and registered human and animal physiotherapy business and
has been running physiotherapy clinics in Scotland since 2018.  Since COVID-19, Cochrane
Physiotherapy has been offering online video consultations which have proven to be very popular. Our
clinics are based at Riverside Veterinary Practice in West Lothian and are open again, albeit with
restrictions regarding having owners come in with their animal.
Our mission as a company is to ensure humans and animals stay fit, healthy and happy.  This coupled
with our strong values regarding welfare and outcome based treatment protocols is why we only practice
clinically, evidence-based physiotherapy, focusing on prevention and rehabilitation as the foundation for
our superior physiotherapeutic care. We pride ourselves on only collaborating with other veterinary or
human physiotherapy professionals who share the same work ethic and ethos as us. Cochrane
Physiotherapy is an innovative, independent, family run business, co-owned and managed by a human
physiotherapist and veterinary physiotherapist couple.