An innovative, online service offering video consultations for pet owners & support for veterinary physiotherapy professionals. 



Well hello there!  So glad you've stopped by to visit us.  Cochrane Physiotherapy is an innovative, independent and family run digital physiotherapy business based in the UK.  Let us take a few moments to tell you more...


With over 23 years of experience within both human and animal medicine, our team is the right choice for you. 


We currently offer a range of services to both pet owners and professionals alike, as part of a multi-modal, up to date approach to physiotherapy in a modern world.  We pride ourselves in always striving to be the best we can be within the veterinary industry, constantly moving with the times to offer as much advice and support as we can, to as many people who need it.  This is Cochrane Physiotherapy's primary goal - to help.



Our video consultations, online clinics and student support sessions are led by a team of experienced, university qualified, registered and fully insured veterinary physiotherapy practitioners.  


You will be guaranteed a professional service from start to finish, whatever service you use and will be a fully integrated part of the process throughout with access to online resources to support you after our interaction, at home.

Mission statement - 


At Cochrane Physiotherapy, we believe the key to an animal's long and short-term health and wellbeing is prevention and our goal is to ensure every dog lives their best life, to the fullest and that physiotherapy is another interventional tool that can effectively support this - even from the comfort of your own home.

Under the Veterinary Surgeons Act (1966) and Exemptions Order (1962) it is illegal for anyone to treat an animal without prior Veterinarian referral and consent. This MUST be confirmed prior to any physiotherapeutic assessment or treatment being undertaken.  We will only operate under this condition, even if your consultation is online.  If you have been referred by FirstVet, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) has confirmed that this suffices as consent.

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An online physiotherapy consultation for my pet

For fit, healthy dogs who might take part in regular activities such as cani-crossing, bike-joring or agility and would benefit from physiotherapeutic intervention for -
injury prevention, improving body awareness, musculo-skeletal maintenance and conditioning and cardiovascular improvement.

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The student support programme

For older dogs who may need a proactive and positive approach to healthy ageing - ensuring they live out their silver years comfortably and to their fullest.


New veterinary physiotherapy business support

For dogs who are due to have or have undergone surgical intervention to correct or improve a condition or injury. Or have had a recently diagnosed injury or condition where it has been decided to be managed conservatively.

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Content & learning materials creation for my business

Promoting lifelong companionship, health and well-being for working dogs with a very important job to do - our goal is to enable them to continue to support you, for as long as possible.

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Online video consultations (via Zoom or Google Meet)

- Various days and time available

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